About Us


Essence SeattleOur mission at Essence is to exceed each client's expectations by creating an experience that nurtures the spirit, relaxes the body and mind and brings out personal beauty and style enabling each client to have fun and enjoy their time in our care. All our actions reflect professional ethics, integrity and our belief in the value of building long term mutually-rewarding relationships in business and within the greater community.

Our objective is to create an environment where each client and staff is treated as one of the family, in a warm atmosphere that encourages clients to stop by for a drink and to just hang out.

The ambiance of Essence creates privacy for both clients and stylists who desire a more solitude retreat, as well as a communal space to allow for a growing salon community.

Stylist at Essence combine creativity with reality, finding proper style and color to bring out the inner beauty of each client. Although an eye for chic hair designs attract a fashion-forward clientele, we have the ability to read and please even the most conservative client.


  • Join us for quarterly wine and cheese nights and enjoy the new local artist on the wall.
  • Take advantage of our quarterly classes on personal color, make-up and hair styles so you can maintain your style and beauty at home.

Community Involvement

People are the most important business resource for Essence. They are the people who work with us, for us, and for whom we work. For this reason, Essence plays an integral role in the community, leading by example by participating in and sponsoring local activities and festivals.


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Great place for Muslim women to go. They have screens to accommodate those of us who wear hijab. Thank you!" ~ Michaela Bint Michael